Smart, effective tools for your applications.

We build world-class open source tools to help you build world-class applications.


Simple, efficient background processing for Ruby.

  • Background and scheduled jobs
  • Web-based management UI in 19 different languages
  • Error handling, retries with exponential backoff
  • Extensible middleware and full Ruby API
  • Dead job queue
  • Resque compatible

Application infrastructure monitoring, reimagined.

  • Monitor your machines and critical services
  • Write simple rules to verify real-time metrics
  • Alert staff or restart misbehaving processes
  • Signal application deploys to silence alerts
  • Integrates with modern init systems
  • Works with Linux 3.0+

Open Source

Open source-based. It's the right way to build systems.

Our products are all open source-based, with an open source, free version and a commercial variant with additional features and support options. Building commercial products on top of an open source core means the software will be maintained and supported for years to come.


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